Who We Are

As a boy, I always had a hammer in my hand building huts and structures, and was always fascinated by watching homes being built in my neighborhood.It was my enjoyment and satisfaction of building and being able to see my work when completed that was the primary reason I got into the construction industry. This interest in building things and seeing them being built has translated into a life-long passion for constructing things of beauty and enduring quality.

Here is a timeline of the development and growth of Perron Construction, Inc.:

  • Graduated from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in 1989.
  • Perron Construction was started in 1990
  • A commercial division as added in 2000 to better serve the needs of clients.
  • Incorporated in 2003, Perron Construction, Inc. currently consists of 3 field foreman, 2 full-time office personnel with myself handling sales and estimating.

A few key philosophies have guided me over the years as Perron Construction has grown.

Be a hands-on owner.
I’m the kind of owner who gets in the trenches and makes it happen.

Integrity is everything.
My word is my bond and my reputation is on the line with every job.

Experience is key.
I value the the years I spent in the field building my business and developing and refining procedures and techniques that serve us well today. This experience gives me the ability to understand every aspect of our customers’ needs and helps me successfully manage our many projects.